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Posted on 19 Jan 2019, 04:26:29
Dear Cinarians,

I wanna thank you guys for being loyal to us. You guys are amazing!

Keep on kicking a**! :D
by Cipfried
Posted on 30 Dec 2018, 17:12:48
Dear Cinarians,

We are about to rework and relauch our Server very soon!
Stay tuned for updates and announcements.
Also, we would really appreciate any ideas or feedback.
A great time is coming to our loved Cinara! <3

by Cipfried
Posted on 17 Dec 2018, 15:30:17
We have edited attack formulas of Elite Knights they should be stronger now.

Also we will update existing monsters so they are better to kill, and we will add more exp. to a few of them.
by Cipfried
Posted on 11 Dec 2018, 13:11:35
Mages damage got rebalanced.
Great Mana Potion got 20% nerfed.
The gameplay should be much better now.
by Cipfried
Posted on 30 Nov 2018, 19:22:24

Paladin update

Paladin's finally got their Throwing Knifes in store.

Check our other news post.
by Cipfried